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集团介绍DQS Group

DQS集团是全球管理体系认证机构领导者之一。由位于德国法兰克福的DQS Holding 战略领导,所有DQS集团所属公司拥有统一目标,即通过提供专业服务使客户的管理体系更有效运行。DQS集团分支遍布全球,目前在60 多个国家建立了超过80 个办公室,员工人数超 过2,800名,其中包含2,400 名审核员。DQS 集团已为各行业客户提供认证服务超过25年。
DQS(德国管理体系认证公司)由DGQ(德国质量学会)和DIN(德国标准化协会)在1985年创立。这是DQS集团成立的第一步。除了这些创始 人,位于伊利诺斯州诺斯布鲁克的UL(美国保险商实验室),也是DQS 的股东之一。其他持股人还有德国精密机械及光学工业联合会、德国机械、 设备制造业联合会、德国建筑业总联合会和德国电子技术及电子工业联合会。

我们的核心业务是管理体系、流程和组织的审核,评估和认证。我们专注于为您提供优质的服务。至今已有100多个国家超过20,000名客户 选择DQS集团,行业分布广泛,包括汽车、电机工程、引擎结构、金属和化工行业、服务、食品、医疗保健、航空和航天及通讯业。DQS 已为全球超过55,000个客户场地发放证书。

DQS Group is the world leader in management system certification bodies. Made in Frankfurt, Germany DQS Holding strategic leadership, all DQS Group-owned company has a unified meshStandard, by providing professional services to enable customers to manage system run more efficiently. DQS Group branches around the world, currently in more than 60 countries have established more than 80 offices and employs overOver 2,800, which includes 2,400 auditors. DQS  Group has provided certification for various industries for over 25 years.
DQS (the German Management System Certification Company) by the DGQ (German Society for Quality) and DIN (German Institute for Standardization) was founded in 1985. This is the first step in the establishment of DQS Group. In addition to these foundingPeople, located in Northbrook, Illinois, UL (Underwriters Laboratories), is also one of the shareholders of DQS. There are German precision mechanical and optical industry federation other shareholders, the German machinery,Equipment Manufacturers Association, the General Federation of the German Construction Industry and the German electronic technology and Electronics Industry Association.Our core business is the audit, evaluation and certification management systems, processes and organizations. We focus on providing quality service. So far more than 100 countries, more than 20,000 customersSelect DQS Group, the industry widely distributed, including automotive, electrical engineering, engine construction, metal and chemical industries, services, food, health care, aviation and aerospace and communications industries. DQSAnd certificates have been issued more than 55,000 customers worldwide venues.


Global distribution of resources


Our professional auditors active in various auditing field, at least for enterprises to provide efficient services 88,000 personal days per year. Whether your needs are authentication service or system, evaluation, certificate or Process evaluation, we can provide you with adequate resources. More than 2,400 experienced auditors to provide you with a variety of expertise. We always pay attention to our customers and better services to help you succeed.


Independence and objectivity

DQS控股及其对子公司的行政管理促就了我们认证和评估活动的公正性。控制潜在利益冲突以确保所有认证活动的客观性。 DQS集团已建立和实施相应公司政策和指导方针。

DQS Holding and its subsidiaries to promote the administration of justice of our certification and assessment activities. Control potential conflicts of interest in order to ensure objectivity of all certification activities.
DQS Group has established and implemented policies and guidelines of the respective companies.

DQS values build brand recognition


1.Quality   质量
Quality is the foundation of our company – we take responsibility for the quality of our work, our results and our behavior.


2.Respect  尊重

We treat people with respect, always.


3.Customer focus  关注顾客

Customer needs come first 顾客的需求是首位的

we generate value for our customers.我们为顾客创造价值。 

4.Credibility  诚信

Independence, competence and attitude 独立、能力和态度
ensure credibility of DQS.确保DQS的可信度 

5.Success  成功
We strive for sustainable success, 我们致力于可持续的成功,
just like our customers and business partners.就像我们的顾客和合作伙伴。