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Innovation goes online

DQS Group offers innovative approaches for the further development of management systems and people. The experts, auditors, and customers of DQS Group have more than 25 years of experience in the field of auditing and certification. They have distilled their knowledge in standards, methods, and techniques into a user-friendly tool designed to improve management systems as well as personal qualifications. Organizations around the world stand to benefit from their expertise and well-founded know-how.

Under the guidance of a personal online coach, customers may choose from two different areas: eAssessments or eLearning.


an assessment tool for management systems and processes.

Self-assessments evaluate the system and result in a structured report, identifying both strengths and opportunities for improvement. This program can be used as a basis for internal audits, for verifying the maturity of implemented management systems, and to demonstrate one’s own achievements to customers by way of a documented self-declaration. The system is measurable, so that all findings can lead to actions with the aim of continuous improveme


a tool for qualifying personnel at any level.

eLearning provides staff members, experts and managers with an opportunity to “learn from the best”, and gives documented evidence of that knowledge. Learners are encouraged to broaden their horizons in the areas of management systems, standards, and auditing. Auditors and other experts share their know-how in order for learners to know, to understand – and to implement. 

DQS eSolutions is available to any interested party, anywhere in the world. Visit us on