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AS9100 - 航空航天工业
Aerospace Industry
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Aerospace Industry

A focus on Supply Chain Management

Leading aerospace companies increasingly require their suppliers to become certified to AS9100 and/or AS9120. This trend to concentrate on only “a few strategic suppliers”, places a heavy emphasis on supply chain management – a development that resulted in significantly increased demand. With an increase to more than 400 certified sites worldwide, DQS Inc. ranks among the most significant certification bodies for the aerospace industry. The offices of DQS Inc. in the USA and DQS GmbH in Germany hold strong market positions.

AS9100 / AS9120

Aerospace industry suppliers that compete in an environment of high-risk products, either goods or services, benefit from the AS9100 and 9120 standards. For the manufacturer (AS9100) or distributors (AS9120), these standards strategically enhance their quality management system.
What can be achieved?

Continual improvement

Increased error prevention

Strengthening of reliability and process capability in an organization’s value chain

A high degree of customer satisfaction

Employee satisfaction

AS91xx series of standards offer a framework for comprehensive quality management systems based on ISO 9001:2008.


In the course of neutral and independent assessments, the industry-authenticated DQS Inc. auditors focus on the identification of potential for improvement. This approach supplies significant momentum for improving productivity beyond the simple confirmation of conformance.

Benefits of certification include:

Visible sign of the fulfillment of OEM requirements

The organization is listed as a certified supplier in the OASIS database

Cost savings Integration of requirements from the normative and legally regulated areas

A transparent and logical structuring, release, and alteration of requirements,

specifications, and products – by way of configuration management

Recent Developments

AS9101E – The Aviation, Space, and Defense (AS&D) Industries have released AS9101E and we are in the process of developing our implementation plans. We will continue to communicate the changes with our customers as we proceed with the implementation. All audits will be required to be conducted in accordance with AS9101E by 1 Jul 2015 at the latest. The most significant change in AS9101E is the forms that are required to be used during all third party audits – the PEAR has been enhanced, the OER has been eliminated and the Process Matrix Report has also been enhanced. These forms are available for free on-line at for your reference. Look for more information coming soon in our Updates to Standards notifications and our quarterly newsletter, IMPACT.

AS91XX:2016 – The AS&D Industries are developing the 2016 release of the AS standards (AS9100, AS9110, and AS9120). At this time, the AS91XX 2016 revisions are expected to be based on ISO 9001:2015. The format would be changing to 10 sections instead of the current 8 sections. The industries are reviewing the requirements that are being removed from ISO carefully as they may be reintroduced into the 2016 revision of the AS standards. They are also reviewing all existing AS&D requirements as well as all inputs into the revision for consideration.