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BRC包装和包装材料全球标准BRC/IOP – Packaging and packaging Materials

BRC/IOP 全球包装和包装材料标准

适用于提供食品包装要素或现成包装的包装制造商及其供应商。此外,BRC/IoP 证书还受到了向英国供应包装材料的供应商的称赞,这些供应商已被当地零售链要求提供该类证据。

在英国出售的食品中有很大一部分为零售商品牌。为了履行各自的法律义务,在向市场推销食品时,要求零售商对自己的供应商进行监控并且证明自己恪尽职责。另外,该证书还适用于食品包装制造商,他们需要证明自己满足 BRC/IoP 的要求。


·         提高包装材料零售商和买家在产品安全、质量及合法性方面的自信度;

·         提高产品安全性,降低产品责任风;

·         工艺流程安全有效,既可以保障包装材料的安全,又可以快速发现和控制消费者在卫生、质量及健康危害方面的风险,同时规定有效的预防措施;

·         进入英国食品市场


BRC/IOP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials

BRC/IoP is designed for manufacturers of packaging who supply components or ready-made packaging for the packaging of foodstuffs, as well as their suppliers. In addition, a BRC/IoP certificate is recommended for any suppliers of packaging materials to Great Britain who have been requested by the local retail chains to provide that kind of evidence.

A major portion of all foodstuffs sold in Great Britain is retailer branded. In order to meet their legal obligations, retailers are required to monitor their suppliers, and to demonstrate their own “due diligence“ when placing food on the market. That also includes the manufacturers of food packaging, who need to demonstrate fulfillment of the requirements of BRC/IoP.

Benefits for your organization:

·         Improved confidence among retailers and the buyers of packaging materials in the safety, quality, and legality of the product

·         Increased product safety and less risk of product liability

·         Safe and efficient process flows in the interest of packaging material safety, in order to quickly identify and control risks with respect to hygiene, quality, and health hazards for consumers, and to specify effective preventive measures

·         Access to the British food market

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