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BRC 食品安全全球标准BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

BRC 全球食品安全标准


在英国出售的食品中有很大一部分为零售商品牌。《食品安全法案 1990》要求零售商采取必需的预防措施并且仔细调查,以防止在研发、分销、推广和向消费者出售食品时出错。英国零售商协会 (BRC) 制定了“全球标准 – 食品”,来严格保障《英国食品法》的执行。同时,该标准还为需要证明自己满足标准要求的零售品牌制造商的评估提供了依据。







BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

The certification standard is designed for all food business operators, regardless of their size or complexity. The requirements, however, mainly focus on organizations that either produce retailer branded products, or that supply products to Great Britain and have been requested by the local retail chains to provide that kind of evidence.

A major portion of all foodstuffs sold in Great Britain is retail branded. According to the Food Safety Act of 1990, retailers are required to take all precautionary measures that are necessary, and to apply due diligence in preventing errors in research and development, distribution, advertisement, and when selling food products to consumers. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) developed the Global Standard-Food, which governs the due diligence defence of British Food Law. It also provides the basis for the evaluation of retail brand manufacturers, who have to demonstrate fulfillment of the standard’s requirements.


o    Improved confidence among retailers and buyers in the safety, quality, and legality of the product

o    Increased product safety and less risk of product liability

o    Safe and efficient process flows in the interest of food safety, in order to quickly identify and control risks with respect to hygiene, quality, and health hazards for consumers, and to specify effective preventive measures

o    Access to the British food market

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