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BRC Consumer Products

Cosmetics / Consumer Goods

BRC Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Open up new markets with a BRC Consumer Products certificate.

The BRC Global Standard for Consumer products, published in 2003 by the British Retail Consortium, aims to protect consumers and to increase the quality and safety of consumer goods through consistent quality- and risk management. The standard focuses upon the identification and management of risks and the implementation of preventive measures, with hygiene as a central element of the quality management system.

The scope of Consumer Products, Issue 3 covers a wide range of non-food products in the global marketplace; including formulated products such as shampoos, paints and cosmetics, fabricated items like televisions and toys, electrical goods, furniture and textiles. The products may be retailer brands or national brands.

BRC Consumer Products is particularly widespread in the Anglophone world and is often a requirement for suppliers to gain market acceptance.

BRC Consumer Products

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